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British Virgin Islands - Awareness Walk + Smash Alzheimer's Candlelight Vigil

  • Noel Lloyd Positive Action Park Virgin Islands (map)

4.30pm - 6pm: A walk will be organised for community members, the BVI business community and youths carrying various Alzheimer’s banners. It will be guided by a police team who will close off traffic as we walk through the centre of the capital – Road Town.

Raising Awareness: All will be wearing purple or red T-shirts with the Virgin Islands Alzheimer Association’s (VIAA) logo and tagline – “See the Person – Not the Disease”

6pm onwards: There will be a candlelight vigil occurring directly after the walk. Remembrance and acknowledgement that Alzheimer’s is an issue within the community and the need to not only address people currently living with Alzheimer’s but also the need to focus on prevention by lifestyle change.

At the end of the vigil attendees will be given a cup and on command “smash” it as a signal to “Smash Alzheimer’s”. Smash Alzheimer’s is an activity being promoted by Cure Alzheimer’s Research Trust, a programme of many Rotary Clubs in the Southern part of the United States. This is in recognition that VIAA emerged out of Rotary.

 For further information, please contact Edna Williams, Anthony Clark and Janice Rymer, Virgin Islands Alzheimer Association, at: